Sumaiya Zama is an artist, writer, youth advocate, and civil rights activist from the Boston area. Her writings, work, interests, and activism center around themes of faith, human rights, racism, anti-blackness, gender based violence, xenophobia, Islamophobia, cishet patriarchy, immigration, borders and occupation, and others.

Sumaiya graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Boston with a degree in Political Science and minors in Human Rights and African Studies. Throughout her undergraduate career, Sumaiya was involved in service, both domestically and internationally. In 2015 she traveled to Guatemala to work alongside the indigenous Mayan community to build stoves for households where women were the primary providers. In 2016, Sumaiya led a service trip to Tijuana Mexico, where she worked alongside a border community to build homes for families impacted by deportations.

In the summer of 2016, Sumaiya traveled to Israel in efforts to study in Palestine and learn more about the human cost of borders and occupation. There, she was interrogated, detained, and deported. Since then, Sumaiya has felt it vital to share her story through writing and art in an attempt to help others heal from trauma and to add voice to the plight of Palestinian people.

Sumaiya was a youth worker for the City of Cambridge through out 2015-2017. Based out of a site in North Cambridge, she primarily worked with children of color from immigrant and refugee communities. Her work with young people centered around facilitating youth led projects in inclusivity, social justice, and activism through various art forms.

Currently, Sumaiya is the Community Advocacy and Education Director at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil liberties and advocacy organization. In this role, she works alongside young people, their families, youth workers, educators, and communities to highlight and uproot systemic Islamophobia.

Sumaiya serves as a proud board member for The Praxis Project, a movement support intermediary committed to capacity building for social change whose emphasis is on developing fields of work in ways that encourage multi-level, trans-disciplinary learning and collaboration across issues, across the country, and across the globe.

In her spare time, Sumaiya writes and performs poetry at local venues in the Boston and Cambridge area. She is also a photographer, blogger, and henna artist and believes in the healing and transformative power of storytelling and art.

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All photographs/art/writing/opinions found on this blog are her own.